working papers:


Does Information Break the Political Resource Curse? Experimental Evidence from Mozambique, joint with Alex Armand, Alex Coutts, and Inês Vilela


Social Influence and Political Behavior in Mozambique, joint with Matilde Grácio


Preventing Violent Islamic Radicalization: Experimental Evidence on Anti-social Behavior, joint with Inês Vilela


Keep It Simple: A Field Experiment on Information Sharing in Social Networks, joint with Cátia Batista and Marcel Fafchamps


Is Mobile Money Changing Rural Africa? Evidence from a Field Experiment, joint with Cátia Batista


Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An Experiment on Primary Education in Angola, joint with Vincenzo Di Maro, Stefan Leeffers, and Danila Serra


Incentivizing Community Health Workers in Guinea-Bissau: Experimental Evidence on Social Status and Intrinsic Motivation, joint with Mattia Fracchia and Teresa Molina


Measuring Corruption in the Field Using Behavioral Games, joint with Alex Armand, Alex Coutts, and Inês Vilela


Introducing Mobile Money in Rural Mozambique: Evidence from a Field Experiment, joint with Cátia Batista


A Model of Vote-buying with an Incumbency Advantage


Corrupted Scholarships


main publications:


Improving Access to Savings through Mobile Money: Experimental Evidence from African Smallholder Farmers, joint with Cátia Batista

World Development, accepted


Adopting Mobile Money: Evidence from an Experiment in Rural Africa, joint with Cátia Batista

American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, forthcoming


Knowledge of Vitamin A Deficiency and Crop Adoption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mozambique, joint with Rute Caeiro

Agricultural Economics, forthcoming



Voting and Peer Effects: Experimental Evidence from Mozambique, joint with Marcel Fafchamps and Ana Vaz

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Do Migrant Social Networks Shape Political Attitudes and Behavior at Home?, joint with Cátia Batista and Julia Seither

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See mention at The Guardian

See mention at TIME magazine



Is Vote-buying Effective? Evidence from a Field Experiment in West Africa

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See mention by the Wall Street Journal



Votes and Violence: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nigeria, joint with Paul Collier

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other publications:


Oil, Corruption, and Vote-buying: A Review of the Case of Sao Tome and Principe, in S. Rose-Ackerman and T. Soreide, forthcoming, International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption, Volume II, Edward Elgar Publishing


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Review of C. Sampford, A. Shacklock, C. Connors, and F. Galtung (Eds), Measuring Corruption, Global Crime, 8(1), February 2007, pp. 101-104


main conferences organized:


Various NOVAFRICA Conferences and Workshops at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2012 to present)


3rd Meeting of EGAP (Experiments in Governance and Politics) at Trinity College Dublin, May 7-8, 2010